Monday, September 21, 2009

Web 2.0's Top 1000

Have had a good look around this site. Took a while to find anything that was free and must confess that the butterfly I've chosen has no application for libraries (apart from a fun thing to have on their website perhaps) but I like it and it proves I've learned something from this course because it didn't take very long to find and download. There are lots of other applications that look far more worthwhile that I will come back to another day. See the butterfly at the bottom of the side panel and use your mouse to make it fly. While you're there, feed Arianna a fly by clicking on 'more' (put your sound on first)!

Zoho Writer

Having Fun with    Z    O    H    O  Writer

  What a great tool this is!  Thought I would write this post using Zoho Writer and so created a new document.  Had barely put in a heading before I was prompted to name and save the file - how neat is that ... no excuse now for closing down before saving a document!

  It is evening and I am writing this part of the document from my home pc and will shortly save and close out of it.  Tomorrow I will try accessing it from a work pc.  If that works, the next step will be to place the post on my blog.  I guess if you're reading this, it will have worked!!

  It is now the next day and I am at work.  It took only a couple of minutes to access this file and add a few more words.  I'm sure there could be lots of occasions when Zoho Writer could be of use but, to be honest, I can't think of one right now!  No time now for any more ... will continue this post this evening at home. 

  It was way too busy on the Reference Desk yesterday to play around this post (much as I'd have liked it!) so here I am the next morning finishing it off at home.  I can see lots of uses for this in general office situations and also for students who are required to work and submit essays, etc as a group.  Specifically in the library situation, it could be very useful when new training manuals are being prepared (particularly as contributors are usually located at different libraries), could also be useful sending/editing/posting book reviews and Xcel spreadsheets could be used for co-ordinating availability of casual staff.  It is probably the same as most new technological devices/skills - the more you use them, the more you wonder how you coped before!!

  Have shared this with myself (signed up as another Zoho user) and am now adding this little bit before posting on my blog ... has been a very interesting and informative exercise.


Friday, September 18, 2009


Rollyo is a clever way of grouping a number of sites so they can be searched easily. There are many amateur theatre companies in Auckland but they are all struggling for advertising dollars and it is not always easy to find out what is on, where and when. To overcome this problem I have created my own search roll of Auckland amateur theatre websites on Rollyo. Type the name of a theatre group, say Mairangi Players, in the search box to find out about their latest production. I hope others will find it useful too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Library Thing

I have been puzzling over this site for some time. Have created an account and added some books but cannot really understand the point of the Library Thing. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

Have clicked on various tabs and read some of the reviews and recommendations but none inspire me to revisit. The only use I could see for this site is to create and store a wish list of books to read in the future. I have often thought it would be great to be able to do that with my own reading history account at North Shore Libraries as I frequently check-in books that I would love to read but don't have the time for right now. Not sure how easy or practical it would be use whilst working, however, and I've usually forgotten the titles by the time I get home!

Image Generators

What a lot of fun these image generators are. I imagine they could be very useful for posters or newsletters. Don't you just love my little wizard!!