Thursday, December 10, 2009

File Converters

Found uploading a file to Google Docs a very simple exercise. Had done a similar thing by creating an Excel spreadsheet, copying it to Zoho and then sharing it with others, when doing 23 Things. A number of changes occurred when the document emailed to me was uploaded to Google Docs. While the first few lines and graphic remained centred, the margins were obviously wider in Google Docs. This was apparent from the table – it was against the left margin and appeared to be narrower. The lines of the table disappeared but the information remained in columns. The fancy, coloured bullets also changed to plain, black dots and were indented from the left margin. The fonts appeared to remain the same, as did the bold and italics. The default format of Google Docs is very basic.

I then uploaded a document of my own and noticed the formatting changed slightly, but feel that would be a minor inconvenience if it meant being able to access a file stored in a previously incompatible format. Having seen patrons experience this type of problem on a few occasions, it will be very rewarding being able to now help them resolve it.

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