Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twitter and Libraries

This is more what I expected Twitter would be like … short messages … something like a bulletin board. Can see this is a great way for libraries to communicate with patrons, especially the techno-savvy ones. Liked Rodney’s and Manukau’s tweets but found the replies confusing as I couldn’t follow what they were replying to. Found a great tweet on ProQuest linking to short videos explaining tools available on their website … something I will definitely look at further.

I’d be interested in following a library twitter which gave out information – upcoming events, new books, local happenings or events – but would soon log out if it became conversational. Am not interested in trying to untangle threads to follow questions and answers or comments, especially when each tweet is meaningless in isolation. I do understand that that is the point of Twitter but it just doesn’t appeal to me right now. That’s not to say I may not change my mind in the future – after all, I thought texting was just for teenagers until I got the hang of it!

My sample tweet:

Check out what’s new on The Reading Experience tab on our website and follow the link to other great review sites under the pohutukawa.

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rodneylibraries said...

Kia ora! kris, @rodneylibraries here. Glad you liked our tweets - I try to keep it to useful information about events, books etc. If there's a link then I try to make it clear where it's going (to the blog or the catalogue etc.) I agree that it can be confusing if you're looking at the tweet stream and there's a cryptic reply which can't be tracked back. (Confusing and frustrating sometimes.) The cool thing about Twitter is that if you're signed in and you're not following the person that we're replying to then you don't see our reply to them. And if you are following them then you'd see their question to us and therefore know what we're talking about.
Keep up the good work exploring! :D