Sunday, December 6, 2009

Google Alerts

I don’t go to the movies often but when I do I like to go to The Bridgeway in Northcote. As there is no RSS Feed on their website, I set my first Google Alert for ‘Now Playing at the Bridgeway’, which will hopefully send an email whenever the webpage is updated.

Following on from my ProQuest search, I searched Google for ‘orcas “south pacific” pictures’ and received about 21,500 hits. Many of the sites were South American so refined search by replacing ‘south pacific’ with ‘new zealand’. Interestingly the number of hits swelled to 275,000 – obviously there are lots of orcas sighted around New Zealand. Refined further by adding ‘2009’. Have set alert and will wait for results.

Goodness, the orca alerts have started coming in already … might have to refine further or delete if too many are received!

This seems to be a very good service and one which I would recommend to patrons who are interested in reading about particular authors (not just latest book reviews) as it would give alerts about interviews, books signings, etc. For example, Alexander McCall Smith visited New Zealand earlier this year and was interviewed in the press, on television and on radio.

I will certainly keep the alert for the Bridgeway as it will be handy to know when new films are being shown.

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