Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twitter, an Introduction

Had heard of Twitter but not tried to access it so it was good to have a reason to go there. However, having been there, I’m not sure whether it’s for me. I’m happy using emails and texts and even the good, old-fashioned telephone, so am not really interested in twittering friends and family, and the internet gives me access to sufficient other information. This YouTube clip Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews! sums up twittering rather nicely:

Accessed two Twitter accounts - Meg Cabot and Cookbook via Twitter. Was disappointed by the Meg Cabot tweets – they didn’t mean anything and it was necessary to open the links in order to discover what each tweet was about. Felt this defeated the purpose of a short message and also proved to be very time consuming. Many of the other Twitter accounts proved to be similar - headlines only with links to blogs or newspaper articles.

Cookbook via Twitter was much more interesting. This is more what I expected to see, after having read the description of Twitter. Liked the way recipes were abbreviated – simple and to the point! Might try some out some day!

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